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What is NetSuite and why do you need it?

Cloud business management solutions like NetSuite significantly altered the way business processes are handled in the recent past. Repetitive and routine office works are increasingly being automized to reduce human efforts to a bare minimum. Gathering and processing the customer data and ensuring top-class customer experience while delivering services and products have become easier than ever with CRM software. Enterprises of all sizes taking advantage of these new developments to organize themselves better. The transition to cloud-based solutions has been fast-paced for many organizations with the arrival of NetSuite which combined ERP, SRM, SRP, etc. in one business management suite and gave access to all of them from a single interface. It revolutionized the idea of the office so much that the office contours have changed beyond reorganization.  Now, it is a smart office where many aspects have been streamlined with automation and other tools.

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is a SaaS (Software as a Service) business management suite that enables you to automate multiple business processes, manage the financials, and organize customer service. NetSuite is the top unified cloud business management software which provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relation Management (CRM), Global Business Management, SRP, business intelligence and Omnichannel experience from a single web-based platform. It allows managing business processes to ensure a seamless customer delivery experience to more than 20 thousand customers.

NetSuite pioneered the early cloud-based business automation processes giving the advantage of technological development to the industries. It reduced the operating costs and improved competencies to unprecedented new levels.

Why NetSuite?

The advantages NetSuite brings for organizations are immeasurable across the sections. Streamlining routine works, innovating business processes, organizing customer service effectively are a few to name. Let’s see what makes NetSuite what it is.

One Integrated Suite for all Operations

NetSuite is integrated with multiple solutions in one suit. It works as ERP, CRM, SRP, Inventory and Advanced Warehouse Management, and Professional Service Automation. So, it’s a formidable ally for organizations to manage their operations effectively.

Its ERP facilitates easy and effective order management and procurement process; streamlines reporting, and improves the productivity of a business. It also reduces managing coasts and increases accounting efficiency.

Integrating all operations into a single system allows quick decision making and better organizing. The suit can be integrated into different systems as well.

Reduced Operational Costs

NetSuite being the cloud-based business solution, it doesn’t require any upfront Hardware set up costs, as regular maintenance costs. It does away with the procurement and installation of multiple systems and the time is saved to focus on the core processes.

Real-time Analytics

NetSuite provides a variety of data from the sales team to customer engagement, marketing efforts to tracking the sales figures on a single dashboard with options to customize the data as required. This real-time data and the analytics of the same enables the companies to quickly assess the effectiveness of plans and to strategize better with informed decisions. Even the plans can be altered on the go as the responses are analyzed. In the age where everything is moving fast with technological advancements, it would always pay to be on the top to decide in advance to emerge as successful.

Workflow Automation

When it comes to workflow automation, NetSuite is far more effective than any other solution in the market. It ensures smooth customer engagement with standard procedures. The sales process from taking the order to generating an invoice and cash collection can be automated with auto-response to the customer at each stage. It will allow assigning of the task to different agents and facilitates monitoring the individual agent’s performance. With different workflow management solutions, NetSuite helps you to turn your team into an agile force in closing the sales and engaging the customers seamlessly too.

Scalability and Collaboration

NetSuite makes the collaborations easier than ever. It engages all the stakeholders of a project and provides an easy and convenient means to communicate with each other. Regular engagement with customers and associates enhances service delivery. Since NetSuite is completely cloud-based, it makes it easy to scale up your account as needed by paying only to the additional usage without incurring any hardware or installation charges.   It doesn’t require any on-premise hardware. You can scale down the services in a lean-season to cut down the expenses when the sales are not happening.

For all the above benefits the NetSuite brings, it is the most preferred business management suite in the market.

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