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Different cloud service delivery models like SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS have revolutionized making computing infrastructure available to organizations of all sizes from startups to multinational companies. Virtualized IT infrastructure without any hardware to set up, or to maintain, opened opportunities to the enterprises to be better organized and to stay focused on the main business area. Businesses turned sleek and target-oriented than ever with cloud computing services.

Large businesses went a step ahead and opted for mixed services from different vendors. This led to processes to run smoothly at the optimal cost-effectiveness. It also improved the redundancy and eliminated vendor lock-in, enabling the businesses to be well-organized units.

Cloud Services Benefits

Cloud services majorly impacted the way collaborations take place and metrics are monitored in an unforeseen way for the better. It allowed organizations to track real-time data and get insights into customer behavior instantly. It also led them to make informed decisions and improvise the strategies on the go. The result of these two on the strategizing has been phenomenal. Accurate metrics assured the effectiveness of plans to reach the goals.

Another noteworthy contribution is the easy and on-demand scalability. Cloud computing services enabled businesses to seek additional computing resources as and when required, often with the flexibility to pay only for what is additionally used. Unlike in the past, expansion has not remained a plan for way too long for the lack of resources. Many businesses that otherwise would have remained a local entity now turned into the global forces, all thanks to easy to scale cloud computing service. The benefits of the cloud are too many to list and its impact is beyond the measure as well. Read our cloud basics post here

Cloud services delivery models, which we discussed earlier, have become the main growth engine for some of the largest IT companies in the recent past. Let’s see who are the top 5 cloud service providers.

Cloud Computing Service Providers

Microsoft Azure

Well, Microsoft is one of the top names in the IT and Software domain; surprisingly, even though it entered a little late into the cloud business, it managed to reach the top in no time for the enormous IT infrastructure and human resources it holds. It offers all possible cloud services including the major service delivery models like SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Microsoft’s top-notch research and development teams and its expertise in all domains of Information Technology, not only made it a top player but also helped the cloud computing models to evolve.

Microsoft Azure, its public cloud platform leads in delivering seamless cloud services and is the cause for keeping Microsoft at the top in the filed as well.

Amazon Web Services

AWS, as shortly known, is the cloud services wing of multinational giant Amazon. AWS provides computing power, storage on-demand for individuals and organizations. It has a wide range of IaaS, PaaS services, including simple Storage Service (S3), relational Database Service (RDS), Elastic Beanstalk, and Elastic Cloud Computing to cater to the large-scale requirement of computing power for big organizations.

AWS allows customization of computing infrastructure to develop and integrate your applications seamlessly across the devices and systems. It provides an extensive secure environment to the services it offers with multiple controls using integrated web services.

The advantage of the AWS is its flexible pricing models. it is affordable to all size organizations as pay for the use is in place in all the price models.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is the cloud computing service wing of Google, the search engine giant.  This provider offers a variety of cloud solutions, including the most extensive IaaS and PaaS solutions. With its security network, goggle cloud ensures utmost security t the platforms, programs users built-in google provided cloud over the web services.

Google cloud boasts of some of the innovative tools to deliver optimal performance with its App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud storage, Container Engineer, and Big Query.

Set up remains a challenge but its cloud services ensure a smooth migration and competitive pricing.

IBM Cloud

The cloud of wing od IBM offers all three cloud computing delivery models with huge storage capacities.  It offers both cloud-based as well as hardware-based servers on the public and private computing servers.

Hardware servers of IBM named as bare metal guarantee no-noise cloud environment to the clients to aid in improving the efficiency and performance. It also provides full access to its cloud infrastructure enabling the customer to exercise full control of the programs or the software they develop over it.

It could be integrated into different systems with an API seamlessly. IBM cloud reputed for its cloud management tools under SaaS.

Oracle Cloud Platform

Oracle’s Corporation cloud offering is Oracle Cloud Platform. It offers IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, as well as DaaS (Data as a Service)

Its feature-packed and powerful cloud offerings can be categorized into computing, network, storage, database, etc. It scores highly when it comes to supporting high workloads. It offers cloud architecture and storage data.

Oracle DaaS is its data cloud and best suited for enterprises of large scale than small businesses as it’s developed for driving big data analytics.

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