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Top 10 ERP Software for 2020

Enterprise Resource Planning, shortly known as ERP, is a software system used to manage the core business process of an organization. From planning to procurement, manufacturing to supplying, and taking care of the finances and accounts to ensuring service delivery, ERP makes it easy for organizations to run business processes smoothly.

ERP software helps to automate many routine processes across the sections, oversee project management and regulatory compliance. In a way, it is the one solution organizations need to streamline operations, improve co-ordination across domains, and to increase productivity with higher competencies.

In simple parlance, ERP is a set of applications unified into one software system where a variety of business processes are managed effectively for improved efficiency.

1. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s ERP, is a powerful system that allows you to manage a number of business domains. It is flexible and user-friendly compared to others. It gives complete control over finances, operations, and inventory. It is best suited for small and medium enterprises which need to implement daily business operations.


SAP ERP is a complete enterprise resource management system that aids in streamlining processes and operations. It can also help to manage finances, supply chain, product life cycle, and human resources. SAP is ERP is best suited for complex workflows at the multi-operational enterprises.

3. Infor ERP

Infor ERP solutions ensure last-mile functionality for processes and manufacturing to boost performance across the domains. It offers flexible scalability, and Amazon Web Services can host it securely. Infor ERP better serves small and medium businesses and enterprise businesses.

4. NetSuite ERP

NetSuite is one of the most reliable and feature-rich ERP systems. NetSuite works as a central hub to manage the core process by integrating different domains into one. NetSuite particularly excels at managing and tracking the finances. It is best suited for growing companies.

5. Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP is yet another powerful system with multiple functionalities.  It helps to harness business analytics and big data processing with its innovative features.  Its flexible solutions help you to boost sales and ensure customer service.  It’s a perfect match for mid-sized to larges businesses.

6. Acumatica

Acumatica is a financial accounting software which offers a standalone accounting package. This comprehensive financial accounting software provides cash, currency, and tax management to parole management. It gives a higher degree of control over financial management with detailed reports and real-time financial status.

 7. PeopleSoft ERP

PeopleSoft’s smart ERP solutions provide cost-effective solutions. It helps in shortening timelines, reducing the risk, and lowering the total cost of ownership by avoiding costly customization. It facilitates effective decision making with a focus on quality and knowledge transfer.

8. Workday ERP Software

Workday ERP provides financial and human capital management functionalities for a variety of industries. It facilitates sound decision making as financial, people, and operational data tracked in real-time from a single source.


One of the trusted names in the ERP software, SYSPRO is designed for manufacturing and distribution industries to manage the processes. It not only helps to streamline processes and but also aid in generating real-time data. It provides for easy scaling of operations. Its easy adaptability makes workflows smooth.

10. Sage Intact

Sage ERP allows users to gather data from multiple workflows on a single dashboard. Data and insights from different sources help in streamlining operations. It has a rich set of modules for transactional processes. It is best suited for industries like healthcare and retail, where strict financial regulations need to be applied.

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