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Is this the right time for Digital Acceleration?

Corona pandemic has delivered a blow to businesses and the economies of nations. Digital acceleration seems to be catching up to face the challenges of times. The recovery seems to be far away and time-consuming. Studies suggest that it may take years for economies to recover to pre-COVID-19 levels. For businesses, it may not take long to bounce back, but the times ahead remain unpredictable. But a smart organization will always convert a challenge into an opportunity and emerge stronger. Likewise, the COVID-19 disruption can be a blessing in the disguise for willing organizations to adopt new processes and technologies to reinvent themselves and to be more relevant.

Business organizations that are at different stages of adopting digital technologies have to make some hard choices to sustain. Enterprises also need to be prepared for Corona like pandemics in the near future. Low-performing economies, decreased consumer demands, and associated thrift behavior will have a big impact on business. So, the option to continue the way they organized before the pandemic has been ruled out. Now companies need to be at their innovative best to sustain these difficult times and to soar in the future. It makes a perfect time for digital acceleration.

What is digital acceleration?

Digital transformation, adopting the new digital technologies to make the processes smooth and business more productive, has witnessed a steady rise before the corona pandemic. Digitalization opened many opportunities to streamline processes and procedures, but digital acceleration is more than the adoption of digital technologies. For example, most businesses have adopted automation to customer care call centers, but it still requires the executive to be present at the office to run the call center. Due to COVID-19, call centers couldn’t function at full scale although they received the highest traffic. Automation failed to deliver the solution in this case. Whereas, Chatbots are not a new technology but became very helpful when the call centers were not functional due to employee absence. Using a combination of technologies to ensure delivery of service even during the disruption is nothing but digital acceleration.

The way forward for acceleration

Digital acceleration requires a complete re-evaluation of business goals and long terms vision, keeping the changing times in mind. Once the goals are clear, the processes need to be reimagined with the available technologies. It may require doing away with some legacy technologies for the multiple processes it demands. The underlying principle to acceleration is removing everything that slows you down and replacing the same with much faster means of doing it. Prioritizing the investments, ensuring the optimal utilization of assets like cloud computing plays a crucial role in acceleration.

Benefits of digital acceleration

First of all, digital acceleration prepares you to tackle any kinds of external factors like Corona or any other virus in the future. With the right mix of remote and in-house operations, it enables you to scale to any extent to tackle emergencies and help you draw new patterns to neutralize future disturbances.

By switching to digital transformation, organizations stand benefited on many fronts. Digital acceleration provides a chance to reimagine the technologies and processes with faster and superior ones. Perhaps, if not for the turbulent times, the necessity to change may not have occurred. Now, it paves the way for finding the right balance between the digital and analog technologies to drive the transformation.

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