Grow your business as an ERP Reseller

The business landscape is fast changing with cloud-based process management tools. Technology companies’ lack of expertise in sales is driving them to seek new partnerships to take their products and services to a large customer base. Resell partnership is one such a new sales practice which is fast growing in the technology domain. Reseller partner is a third-party who sells your products and services for a commission. Enterprise solutions delivery over cloud aiding in the partnership to thrive.

ERP resell partner is a third-party who join hands with an ERP service provider to sell the system to new customers. With innovative ERP systems, technology companies are now trying to expand their reach to potential customers outside their traditional purview. In the process, resell partners have become new growth engines to software companies to take ERP solutions far and wide.

 Third-party reselling is prevalent in the retail world for long. For example, we can buy our favorite jeans from a multi-brand showroom, where many other jeans brands are displayed for sale too. Here, multi-brand showroom doesn’t own the product but causes a sale.  Similarly, resellers sell tech companies products and services using their expertise, leveraging their positions and resources in the market through the already created customer relationships.

Who can be an ERP Reseller?

If you have the required expertise and resources, you can be a reseller for ERP companies and earn revenue. Although ERP system manages the core business processes, it needs to be customized for industry-specific processes to optimally utilize its potential. Third-party sellers can use their expertise to customize the system to best suit the customer needs. Also, you can add your own applications to the system and expand your service areas significantly. In the process, it is the third-party seller who builds relationships with customers. ERP companies provide the system, training, and support as needed. It brings a win-win solution to both the partners; ERP company gets new customers and third-party seller additional revenue. Resell partnership is offered to individuals as well as companies. Often, the company also provides all the required sales and marketing collaterals like brochures, product guides, etc. The huge growth potential for the ERP systems in the near future makes it perfect timing for you to be a reseller partner.

Benefits of being an ERP Reseller

For the organizations with a decent customer list, being an ERP reseller helps to earn more revenue. You can harness the customer relations you have built over the years to grow fast. Becoming an ERP selling partner the process, you also add value to your customers leading to a lasting relationship.  It opens up your world to new service areas and fetches additional revenues. You can unleash your potential with the industry-specific customization and developing many additional features. Most ERP companies provide for scaling your association from sales to implementation, training, and consulting, bringing more opportunities to you to grow along with the companies. The partnership enables you to expand to new areas.

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