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Corona virus has changed many things in the recent past; from socializing to working, major changes have happened. We are still living in through the pandemic without an end in sight. On the technology front, the Corona pandemic demonstrated the power of Cloud technologies. It facilitated the change to remote working with easy and on-demand scaling. Now, cloud potential and utility are beyond doubt; in fact, many organizations, including the big tech companies, are looking to make the remote working a permanent fixture. With the rise in cloud adoption, the challenge of cloud security also became a major issue.

To make cloud services a robust model where security is assured has become a priority for some time but the Coronavirus expediated the process as unsafe and not adequately secured networks are used for remote working. Some of the cloud security technologies are fast emerging as solutions to all cloud security related issues.

Let’s examine the latest technologies in this regard here.


Secure Access Service Edge, known as SASE, is one of the technologies that has witnessed a rapid adaption since the pandemic outbreak. It ably secures branch office and remote working. SASE’s cloud-delivered solutions like zero network access and software-defined WAN are at the forefront in offering a robust security environment. It emerged as a top cloud security technologies.

The sudden disruption of the branch offices due to the COVID-19 underlined the need to be flexible to allow remote working from the unsecured devices as well. Here where SASE scored brilliantly with the secure delivery of networks in a steady way.

With a decent number of SASE announcements in the last one year, SASE poised to grow big in the coming days.

Cloud Access Security Brokers

Regular security products offer security at the customer end. They ensure all kinds of network and data security with protocols and technologies installing at the customers’ systems. It is not best suited for cloud security as most of the services are just accessed at the customer end but stored and processed at the cloud service providers’ end. Cloud access security brokers (CASBs) are different; these are designed to offer data security in someone else’s systems. It allows organizations to achieve continuous cloud security policies.

Studies indicate that CASBs are a popular choice for cloud security at the vendor end as a detailed security protocol is in place at most organizations.

Cloud Security Posture Management

As the businesses adopt multi-cloud to be on the safe side for vendor-lock in problems, the configuration of public cloud applications has become a cause of concern. Often, a misconfiguration leads to significant risk.

Cloud security posture management ensures multi-cloud services are implemented in a secure and compliant way across the cloud infrastructure.

Confidential Computing

Although it is in its nascent stage, confidential computing seems to be the best of the cloud security technologies. It is a security technology that makes critical information invisible to third parties, including the host. For critical services like financial, insurance, and health care, confidential computing can enable easy enforcement of all security protocols.

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